Since I’m in the midst of making a raspberry cream cheese iced birthday cake for my husband, I had raspberries on my mind. You can check out the Raspberry Lemonade Filling I made for the cake. So, here are five scrumptious recipes filled with sweet raspberries.

I absolutely love homemade ice cream, and this raspberry cheesecake ice cream from a guest post by Mandy’s Recipe Box on The Recipe Critic just looks mouthwatering. It also doesn’t require an ice cream machine, which makes it even better.

Here is another recipe that features raspberries and cheesecake, which seems to be a pretty popular combination (which I can understand). To top it all off this is a gorgeous pie that would be great for Valentine’s Day and a change from the usual strawberry that’s usually associated with the holiday. Check out Cooking Classy for the recipe.

pre-baked white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

Now, for another common, but no less fantastic, pairing which is raspberries with dark chocolate. But Deliciously Sprinkled added a buttery pie crust and cut into easy to eat bars. This one is going to the top of my list to make for my next party.


Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie Bars

This cake goes to the other side of the spectrum, and pairs raspberries with white chocolate and light vanilla sponge cake. The cake looks so pretty and rustic, not to mention how cool does Frostbitten Raspberry Cake sound? Check out Vikalinka for the recipe.

Frostbitten Raspberry Cake

Last but not least is a cookie featuring white chocolate and raspberries from Better Homes and Garden. They look delicious and a cookie is a little different in terms of raspberry desserts. It kind of reminds me of those thumbprint cookies filled with jam.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies

So what have we learned today? Raspberries go great with all types of chocolate and cheesecake. Sounds like heaven, right? Hope you find some recipes to enjoy!